Thea urgently requires a job and a place to stay

Thea unfortunately is forced to move to a smaller place, mainly because of financial reasons.

Thea is still unemployed and her daughter has just started working. Her husband is in a rehabilitation centre after suffering a stroke.

They are looking for a 1 bedroom place in the Centurion area and can only afford R1500 per month with the option to pay off the deposit. Is there anybody that can help with a garden cottage or 1 bedroom flat? All the places are costing way over R3000 and they can simply not afford it.

Thea is also an excellent cook and aupair – if anyone knows about work for her, please can you help?

If you are able to assist, please email us at

We truly hope that God will be with Thea and her family, to see them through this difficult time.


Lady relocating to Natal

A lady, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a mother of 5 young children, from baby right through to primary school.

With her recent separation from her husband, she is to relocate to Natal from Gauteng and she requires urgent help to move her furniture, before the end of this month.

She is currently living in Natal with family and has already secured a new job. She will be required to move into her own place as soon as possible as it is really difficult with 5 small kids.

If anyone could please assist her with either the move of her furniture or temporary storage, it would greatly be appreciated. Please share this post with as many people as possible so that we can find someone who is willing to help her.

She would be able to make a contribution to whoever is able to assist her, but it might not be enough, hence the request for assistance.

Please help us pray that we would be able to find help for her. It might not be a big thing, but someone is in need of help.

For more details, please email us on<3