Thea urgently requires a job and a place to stay

Thea unfortunately is forced to move to a smaller place, mainly because of financial reasons.

Thea is still unemployed and her daughter has just started working. Her husband is in a rehabilitation centre after suffering a stroke.

They are looking for a 1 bedroom place in the Centurion area and can only afford R1500 per month with the option to pay off the deposit. Is there anybody that can help with a garden cottage or 1 bedroom flat? All the places are costing way over R3000 and they can simply not afford it.

Thea is also an excellent cook and aupair – if anyone knows about work for her, please can you help?

If you are able to assist, please email us at

We truly hope that God will be with Thea and her family, to see them through this difficult time.


Helping Bradley

Bradley lost his job and has been evicted out of his home today due to the family being unable to feed him as well as themselves.

Being a young adult, Bradley is willing to do any work or sleep anywhere, as long as he can be safe.

He is currently in Muldersdrift, and a few good people already committed to pay the family a specified amount per day in order to have him stay there for a few more days.

Another person is currently organising work for him in the Pretoria area.

They are currently busy raising funds for him to be able to pay a deposit on a place for him to stay. He doesn’t have a car and will have to make due with public transport or walking to get to work and back.

He has been struggling to find at least waitering work in his current area, hence the relocation to Pretoria, as this is the only place an opportunity has come up.

The amount to be raised is about R2000 which will only secure his deposit for a place to stay.

If anyone out there is able to help with housing, transport from Muldersdrift, a donation or a job, please email for more information.


26 Augustus 2013
– Bradley has an interview on Wednesday, 28 Augustus 2013, in the Menlyn area for a waitering position
– R500 has been raised in support of Bradley to provide him and the current family with food as well as a place for Bradley to live
– Decisions are being made with regards where to look for work for Bradley, as he will have to get to Pretoria from Muldersdrift and will require a place to stay as well as transport and food

27 August 2013
– Money raised for Bradley has been sent to him via a money transfer system
– Transport has been arranged for him to go to Springs
– Accommodation has been arranged
– He will also be working at a chain restaurant in that area

02 September 2013
– Bradley is starting his new job today

Even with a few hiccups along the way, God still provided.
We pray that Bradley will manage to get settled in Springs with his new home and work and that he will trust in God as his savior.

We thank God and everyone who made a contribution. Without you guys, Bradley would have been on the street.

We will follow up with Bradley and provide feedback on his progress.