Prayer for Gayle

Gayle went in for hysterectomy 5 and a half months ago and is still struggling to heal properly. Gayle is a teacher and even though her medical aid is being paid, she will not be receiving her salary due to not being able to work. She will probably still be in hospital for about a month.

We are praying for God to help Gayle heal properly, as well as to work in her and her partner’s hearts in order to find God and to trust in Him through this difficult time.


Prayer for Frans

Please pray for Frans, as he was admitted to hospital for having a big blood clot in his right lung. He also has bleeding ulcer in his stomach.

When he was previously admitted to hospital for having large amounts of fluid in his lungs, the doctors could not determine what was wrong, when the fluid started residing, he was discharged.

We pray that God would heal Frans and give him the strength to get through all of this, as well as that God provides wisdom and strength to the doctors who are treating him.


10 September 2013
– Frans was discharged from hospital, even thought the doctors are not able to determine the cause. Please keep on praying for Frans as well as the doctors who are treating him.

17 September 2013
– Frans was treated again on Tuesday, the medication affected his system causing him to be drained.