Prayer for baby Phillip

Please pray for baby Phillip, who was recently born but had to stay in hospital due to breathing problems.

We pray that God will be with baby Phillip, to strengthen him and to help him through so that he can go home to his mommy and daddy.


Prayer for Horris & Moira

Please pray for Horris & Moira, they have lost their little baby about 2 months ago and are still going through a very difficult time.

We pray that God will be with them every step of the way and that they will put all their trust, faith and worries in God to help them through this ordeal and to help them deal with their tragic loss.

Help farmers in Sterkfontein

Several farms in Sterkfontein has been burnt down to the ground, causing the cattle and other animals to have to go without food until the rain comes. Unfortunately the animals will not be able to feed on the new grass when it springs as it is poisonous and they will die.

There is one specific lady, who is 76 years of age who owns 9 cattle, she is unable to buy food for them on her small pension.

We are calling on people to make donations towards feeding the animals. One bale is R40. Any kind of donation will be helpful, please email to find out how you can help.



14 September 2013
– The lady’s family from Krugersdorp went through on Saturday to go and buy food for the animals and support the farmers and will be going through this saturday again.

Prayer for Phillip

Please pray for Phillip, who is currently in the rehabilitation centre, after his tragedy at work.

He was severely hurt after an explosion at work where he was trapped under concrete. He is really struggling after 3 weeks in the rehabilitation centre.

Please pray for him to find his way to God and to trust God in giving him the strength to fully recover and get back to his fiancé and new born baby.

Prayer for Frans

Please pray for Frans, as he was admitted to hospital for having a big blood clot in his right lung. He also has bleeding ulcer in his stomach.

When he was previously admitted to hospital for having large amounts of fluid in his lungs, the doctors could not determine what was wrong, when the fluid started residing, he was discharged.

We pray that God would heal Frans and give him the strength to get through all of this, as well as that God provides wisdom and strength to the doctors who are treating him.


10 September 2013
– Frans was discharged from hospital, even thought the doctors are not able to determine the cause. Please keep on praying for Frans as well as the doctors who are treating him.

17 September 2013
– Frans was treated again on Tuesday, the medication affected his system causing him to be drained.

Prayer request for Henri

Please pray for Henri, who was hijacked today in Pretoria.

His cell phone was stolen and he was stabbed in his leg with a knife.

We pray that no complications arise from the wound and that he recovers quickly – physically and mentally, as well as for his family, to support them through all of this.


12 September 2013
– Henri’s leg is a lot better. Luckily there are no complications. Thank you to all the prayers and support.

Prayer for Derryn

This prayer request is for Derryn who was badly bitten in her face by their family dog on Thursday night, 29 August 2013.

Derryn is currently in hospital and already had surgery. Her injuries were really severe as she had been admitted into ICU.

We pray that she recovers quickly and completely.


05 Septemeber 2013
– Derryn was discharged from hospital on Tuesday, her swelling has gone down and she is doing good.