Prayer request for Philippines missionaries

Please pray for the le Roux family, Sandton Bible Church’s missionaries in the Philippines, who are in the middle of the “worst ever recorded typhoon to hit land.”


Prayer for Gayle

Gayle went in for hysterectomy 5 and a half months ago and is still struggling to heal properly. Gayle is a teacher and even though her medical aid is being paid, she will not be receiving her salary due to not being able to work. She will probably still be in hospital for about a month.

We are praying for God to help Gayle heal properly, as well as to work in her and her partner’s hearts in order to find God and to trust in Him through this difficult time.

Thea urgently requires a job and a place to stay

Thea unfortunately is forced to move to a smaller place, mainly because of financial reasons.

Thea is still unemployed and her daughter has just started working. Her husband is in a rehabilitation centre after suffering a stroke.

They are looking for a 1 bedroom place in the Centurion area and can only afford R1500 per month with the option to pay off the deposit. Is there anybody that can help with a garden cottage or 1 bedroom flat? All the places are costing way over R3000 and they can simply not afford it.

Thea is also an excellent cook and aupair – if anyone knows about work for her, please can you help?

If you are able to assist, please email us at

We truly hope that God will be with Thea and her family, to see them through this difficult time.

Help farmers in Sterkfontein

Several farms in Sterkfontein has been burnt down to the ground, causing the cattle and other animals to have to go without food until the rain comes. Unfortunately the animals will not be able to feed on the new grass when it springs as it is poisonous and they will die.

There is one specific lady, who is 76 years of age who owns 9 cattle, she is unable to buy food for them on her small pension.

We are calling on people to make donations towards feeding the animals. One bale is R40. Any kind of donation will be helpful, please email to find out how you can help.



14 September 2013
– The lady’s family from Krugersdorp went through on Saturday to go and buy food for the animals and support the farmers and will be going through this saturday again.