Please pray for Buddy

Please pray Buddy who is still struggling with various health issues following his hip surgery.

We’re praying for wisdom for the medical staff taking care of him as well as for Buddy’s salvation throughout this ordeal. Please also pray for the family standing by his side.


Prayer for Lianry Bruyns

Lianry is 2 years old and in a critical condition in ICU in the Steve Biko hospital. She has a skull fraction and broken ribs as well as bleeding on the brain. Doctors want to switch off her life machines on monday as they think she is brain dead.

Please pray for little Lyanri for her to have a strong will to live and for God to help her body to heal as well as the doctors for wisdom to help her to the best they can,

Prayer for Gayle

Gayle went in for hysterectomy 5 and a half months ago and is still struggling to heal properly. Gayle is a teacher and even though her medical aid is being paid, she will not be receiving her salary due to not being able to work. She will probably still be in hospital for about a month.

We are praying for God to help Gayle heal properly, as well as to work in her and her partner’s hearts in order to find God and to trust in Him through this difficult time.