Kathy is unable to pay her rent

Kathy’s son fell sick and the situation caused her to miss work for 7 days. Kathy works at the Milpark hospital as a nurse and is very dependent on her night shift earnings.

Kathy is now unable to pay her rent and only needs R2000.00 by the end of August to be able to pay her rent.

She is even willing to pay it back from the end of September.

If there is anyone who could please donate some money, it would really be appreciated. We have received a donation for her of R500 already.

Even if the donation is as small as a R10.

Email us on openyourlovelyheart@gmail.com for more information or for private banking details so that we can get the money to her asap.

We thank you for taking the time to read this post. We trust in God to help Kathy through this time.

Her son is now okay, but they really need to pay rent.


29 August 2013
– We have managed to raise R850.00 for Kathy to help her in paying her rent.
– The money has been paid over to Kathy today
– Kathy will need to make an arrangement with her landlord for the rest of the money or an extension, and pay it off bits and pieces. We will provide feedback on this asap.

02 September 2013
– Kathy managed to make an arrangement with her landlord regarding the outstanding amount. After several attempts he finally agreed to give her an extension.

Just a thank you to everyone who has made a contribution. Kathy really appreciates all the help. God has been good for her with all the help received from all over.


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