For Darren

Darren sustained multiple injuries with his motorbike accident on the 11th of July in Midrand.

His injuries were so severe that he required an airlift to the Trauma Hospital.

Injuries he sustained: Right & left leg severely broken, left ankle & foot bones severely crushed, severe tissue damage on left foot and right leg; elbow severely broken, chest bone broken, both lungs burst.

He has since had 7 operations to all affected areas and the medical specialists have worked hard to avoid any loss of limb. Unfortunately, on the 29 July his left leg had to be amputated just below the knee.

About Darren:

Darren is an inspiration to many people and always brings a ray of light into everyone life.

Darren brings the most amazing feeling to anyone and everyone when he’s around. He is always in good spirits and positive about life and the people around him. Always happy, chirpy and witty.. And what a sense of humour!

He’s outlook on life puts into perspective what is really important. Even in the worst of situations, he keeps his head up high and ensures that he sees a difficult time through, becoming a stronger and more determined person.

Darren finds a way into many people’s hearts by just being himself and it would be impossible to even try and remove him. He is the most fun, loving, adventurous and funniest person ever. And is a real gem in anyone’s life.

Darren always puts his family and friends before himself and is always willing to step in and help when it is needed.

Nobody ever thought that Darren would be involved in any accident, never-mind this one. Especially being such a good and careful driver only after having his new bike for 2 months. When it happened, it was as if the whole world stopped dead in its’ tracks.

The word quickly spread and most probably thousands of people are praying and hoping for him to recover quickly and especially to have a positive outcome on the possible amputation of his left leg.

The doctors and staff from Milpark hospital are taking such good care of him and really putting in a lot of effort to ensure his full recovery. We are very thankful for what they are doing for him.

Each day is hard enough hoping and praying that just a little bit of good news comes through. Each time we hear about his operations or progress, it becomes slightly better every time.

This will be a very long and difficult journey for him, which will challenge him mentally, physically and spiritually. We are still hoping and praying that everything will be okay and that he will recover quickly so that he can continue with his life the way he wants it.

Darren’s progress is amazingly much better than what the doctors have anticipated, which was a miracle all on it’s own. We are amazed at what he has achieved in hospital only after 2 weeks and 5 operations.

With so much support and love from all over, especially his family, who are at his side 24/7, and the power of God, Darren will fully recover and be a stronger person in the end.

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” John Lennon


01 August 2013
– Darren was moved out of ICU and into the orthopedic ward

23 August 2013
– Darren was discharged from the hospital

26 Augustus 2013
– Darren received his prosthetic leg and for the first time walked up the stairs, waiting on confirmation on when he can be submitted into the rehabilitation centre

02 September 2013
– Darren has been admitted to rehab in last week, but spent the weekend at home for his birthday. Darren will be going back to rehab today where he will start his new recovery journey full time. We pray that God gives him the strength he needs in order to keep on recovering as amazingly as he has done over the past month and a half.

10 September 2013
– A message from Darren’s Mom and Sister:
Today marks the 2 month anniversary of Darren’s accident. Doctors initially said that he would be in ICU for 6-8 weeks, then transferred to a ward and then to a rehab facility. This is week 8, and Darren has already been discharged from the rehab facility. Darren had his check up with his orthopedic surgeon yesterday, who was stunned and beamed from ear to ear when he watched Darren walk into his rooms. He said Darren’s ability to heal so quickly is the fastest he has ever seen:). Darren will spend the rest of the week meeting a bio-kineticist and physio-therapist to work out a home/lifestyle program, and on Monday he will return to work at a part time schedule. Thank you to God, with whom all things are indeed possible, to our dear family, our friends who are like our family and to my precious husband who stood strong for my mom, myself and especially Darren. Special thanks to Hein, Lisa and the For Darren group who raised funds to help Darren through this difficult time.. Darren, you are loved, and we are so proud of you-God has given you more time-Live, Laugh and Love……
Lots of love Desirae and Sharmla


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